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Jake Vandervoort

Jake Vandervoort


Hello :) My name is Jake!

My whole life I have known Jesus. I grew up in a beautiful God fearing family who knew the Lord very well. Involved does not begin to describe me and my families relationship with church. Sometimes it felt like we were at church more than not. I am a living testimony of what growing up in a Christ centered environment looks like.

The Lord has taken me on a wild adventure these last three years and has shown me parts of His heart that I could've never dreamed of. Jesus freed me from a season of deep loneliness and a crushing feeling of being trapped in an endless cycle of putting on masks of someone I was never asked to be.

I have found more freedom in Jesus than I know what to do with, and I have never been felt more satisfied with who God has created me to be. I look around at the people who walk past me all the time knowing that they have not received the freedom that I have in Jesus. It breaks my heart and I can't help but tell people about Him. I have never felt called to a specific people group, a specific place, a specific generation. I simply feel called to show and tell people about the freedom that I have found in Jesus everywhere I go.

Through Radiant School of Ministry I have gotten the chance to share what Jesus has shown me to people all across the nation and even in different countries. This next school year I have been given the insane opportunity to partner with a (not so local)ministry in Tangier, Morocco called The Gateway Project.

The Gateway Project's focus is to reach frontier unreached people groups (Only 1/10% have heard the name of Jesus) in Morocco. They're focus is currently language study, and sharing the good news to everyone they meet. Right now because of how unheard the Gospel is in Morocco, you can walk outside and chances are that most if not all the people you meet will have never heard the name of Jesus outside of the Quran if at all.

I'm looking for a team of people who are willing to partner with what the Lord's doing in Morocco, and commit to praying and supporting me as I travel overseas to see the name of Jesus advance.

My hope is that through prayerful consideration you can join my team and commit to giving your prayers and/or a monthly donation.

Thank you so much for you support! Lord bless you and keep you!


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