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Jalyn Tran

Jalyn Tran


Hi! My name is Jalyn, and this past year I served as a full-time missionary in Mexico for 8 months. During my time there the Lord really deepened the burden in my heart for this nation and revealed to me that my time there was not done. I am to return to Mexico long term so that I can continue serving His church and His people. I am so excited to go out and continue partnering with what God is doing in the country that I love!

This fall, I am getting ready to relaunch out as a full-time missionary back in the city Guadalajara. Specifically, I will continue to be at the Radiant Church plant that is there. Their mission is, “to see people meet God, find freedom, and discover their purpose so they can make a difference in the world.” I’ll get to contribute to this vision as I serve this church and community. What an honor! As the church continues to grow, there is a strong need for assistance within the generational ministries. I’ll get the privilege of being the Radiant Kids Assistant so that I can pour in and help these ministries as they continue to grow. Along with that I will be investing my time with the Youth Group that launched this past year. God has started something special in this ministry and it’s only just the beginning! What a joy it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus! I am also excited to continue studying Spanish after completing part of my language learning program this past year. Learning the native language allows me to further reach the community and bridge all language and cultural barriers. I am overjoyed for the opportunities that lay ahead!

So, would you consider partnering with me as I get ready to be sent out to Radiant Guadalajara this Fall? Specifically, this looks like supporting me by prayer and financial gifts. Your consideration itself is such a blessing to me! Thank you so much!



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