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Jason Solari

Jason Solari


As a longtime integral part of Youth With A Mission in Australia, I’ve had many opportunities to minister and support our various training centers around the country by teaching and mentoring long and short term volunteers. I’ve been working with YWAM Brisbane for over 15 years and it’s been my joy to serve the community.

I also run a film and acting school to equip young filmmakers with the skill set needed to change the world of entertainment. Youth With A Mission is an international organisation with over 11,000 locations around the world in 180 nations, with over 25,000 volunteers.

At least 19 of these locations minister specifically in Australia, in a 3-fold ministry — training (equipping young people in practical skills, while developing strong relationship with God), evangelism (to know God and make Him known), and mercy ministries (serving during times of hardship, natural disasters, and building communities by providing open community events on a large scale).

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