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Jasmine Shepperson

Jasmine Shepperson


Hello friends! After serving with ministries across Eastern Europe for two years, I have had the honor to join a team of missionaries in Southern California who are gripped with the hope of the Gospel for our generation and dedicated to see a salvation movement across the United States and the nations!

Through a collaborative effort, Circuit Riders communicates the simple gospel of Jesus to a generation who is broken, hurting, and lost. On a daily basis we get to see people encounter the real and tangible love of Jesus and watch him transform them with joy, healing, and purpose! Specifically, Circuit Riders spends a lot of its time on university campuses across America. Every spring we host a nationwide tour called “Carry The Love” where we hop in cars and travel the country, connecting with students, throwing gatherings and evangelistic outreaches, to see every college student saved!

The ultimate mission of the Circuit Riders is to “Save the lost. Revive the saved. And train them all.” My unique part to play in this mission is serving part time with a team on the college campuses of America, and pioneering part time with a team to introduce “Carry The Love” in Eastern Europe! God is really doing something amazing and opening new doors for the advancement of the Gospel every day! I believe in this with all I’ve got and it’s my joy to lay down my life for Jesus and invest in the revival of our generation!

If you have any questions or would like to connect in any way, please contact me at:

Thank you for your love, prayers and support! I can’t do this without you! May God bless you abundantly!

Jasmine Shepperson

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