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Julia Schatz

Hi! I am Julia Schatz and I am a full time missionary with Cuatro Campus CDMX Ministries in Mexico City!

I am apart of a missions team here in Mexico City whose mission is to engage with the students of Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico and the community of Polanco with the Gospel of Jesus.

I first came to Mexico City in August of 2021 with committing to 4 months, living on mission here, but God has placed a love for Mexico City on my heart and desire to see the gospel be experienced here.

I lead high school and college ministries in the city and am engaged in various outreaches and ministries in the Polanco Neighborhood. I love being apart of what God is already doing here in Mexico City! - especially in the next generation!

I am in my 2nd year here in Mexico and expecting God to do some amazing things in the coming year and years to come!

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financial support to further the gospel of Jesus?

I would love to see high school and college students in Mexico City to experience and know the love and grace God has for them.

Thank you!!


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