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Jennifer Radler

Jennifer Radler


Hello! My name is Jennifer Radler, and I am a full-time, independent missionary who is currently serving on the coast of Kenya. My first trip to Kenya, Africa was in 2013, while I was in the middle of my Master’s program for Clinical Psychology at Lipscomb University. My peers and I traveled to Kenya for a ten-day mission trip as a part of our Multicultural Counseling class, and I immediately fell in love with the children that we were blessed to work with. I was also captivated by the beauty of the Kenyan culture, and felt called to return to Kenya a few short months later- alone- so that I could learn more about the work that was being done with the children of Ringroad Orphans Day School.

Once I completed my Master’s Program (and had a few more short-term mission trips to Kenya under my belt), I made the decision to move to Kenya “indefinitely.” I had the privilege of partnering with the Christian Relief Fund, and served as a School Counselor/Director of Medical Case Management for their sponsored children in the Kisumu region. As I worked with children and their families to facilitate critical medical intervention, I developed a passion for medical missions- specifically in palliative/hospice care. I felt a stirring in my heart to follow this passion and expand my ministry to incorporate this new calling.

In July of 2017, my foster daughter and I relocated to Malindi, Kenya, where I am now serving as a Community Outreach Coordinator for multiple villages in our area. I have developed a partnership with Medicross, and together we are able to bring health care education, counseling and screening resources to remote villages where the suffering and poverty are high, and the resources and education is scarce. While my ministry continues to grow, I am 100% funded by private donations, and this work would not be able to continue without the foundation of support that I receive from people like you! We are a partnership…every single bit of impact that I am able to make here in Kenya…every time I am able to educate or counsel a group of women, or visit a terminally ill patient, or read to a sick child, or take measures in promoting disease prevention…I am serving the community in a way that was made possible by the team of supporters who stand with me in this work. I have said it before, and cannot say it enough…WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!! I thank each and every one of you for your support!

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