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Jordan Prinsen

Jordan Prinsen


Hello everyone!

As many of you know, while I was in college, someone in one of my classes shared the Gospel with me at the age of 21. I gave my life to Jesus and was radically transformed by the Holy Spirit! Ever since, I have fallen even deeper in love with Jesus.

Now, my heart burns for those who have not known Jesus, and have felt a call to mission work from the Lord! This led me to join YWAM (Youth With A Mission) which is a Christian missionary sending organization that is based in Kona, Hawaii that helps young people to use their gifts and passions to change the world!

YWAM's heart is that every person on earth is loved by God and deserves to know God's love. Jesus commissioned His followers to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We believe reaching the nations is not an optional extra to the Christian life, but what we’re born to do.

God knows He has my yes! I desire to see every nation, tribe, people and tongue know Jesus as Lord!

In order to do all that He is calling me to do, I am looking for senders! Will you prayerfully consider partnering with me on this journey by supporting me with prayer or financially?  I would be so grateful for any contribution!

With love,


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