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Jack & Kristine Kilman

Jack & Kristine Kilman


Hey Everyone!

We are Jack & Kristine Kilman, and we are long-term missionaries living in Potchefstroom, South Africa, a part of an organization called Fire & Fragrance South Africa which is under the umbrella of YWAM or Youth With A Mission. We are planted here in Potch to see the Gospel transform this nation and the continent of Africa! 

Very simply put, everything we do will fall under 1 of our 6 lanes here at Fire and Fragrance South Africa:

  1. Prayer and Worship - Everything we do starts with prayer and worship because we are completely reliant on the Holy Spirit to move! We gather every morning Monday - Friday 8-9:30 praying and interceding over our nation! (Micah 1:11)

  2. Evangelism - The story of the Gospel is the most incredible true story in our world! We believe it holds power when we tell this story to others! So Evangelism is apart of our week to week schedule!  

  3. Training - We believe we are called to discipleship! In this lane we are committed to training and equipping people for life in Christ and the mission field!

  4. Media - The vast narrative across South Africa is that there is no hope. Racism and corruption have been the key narrative points that have discouraged this nation for years, but we want to rewrite the narrative over this nation. Gen Z is always on social media, so we want to pump hope and faith right to where they are at!

  5. Ending Bible Poverty Now - We believe there is power in the mother tongue and there over 1000 languages across the earth without any of the Bible translated into their own mother tongue. Imagine not having the Bible available to you in your home language. How could you know God and who He is? We give a vast majority of our time to seeing the Bible translated and delivered to the nations. 

  6. Mercy Ministries - God has a heart of compassion and mercy to the orphan and the widow and so as much as we want to serve people with the message of the Gospel, we want to serve people’s needs. God desires us to grab hold of His heart of compassion and mercy for His children! 

Thank you guys for considering supporting Kristine and I! Please email me at if you have any further questions! 

With love,

Jack & Kristine

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