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Jonathan & Britain Kinnally

Jonathan & Britain Kinnally


Hey everybody!

My name is Jonathan Kinnally, and I love Jesus. I hope to be someone who loves people with a genuine heart and who gives without sparing. I enjoy all things Jesus, I love worship and I love talking about Him and exchanging stories.

I am married to my beautiful wife Britain Kinnally. We are 20 years old. We love following Jesus and I hope to become a pastor one day, either in the mission field or in the U.S.. I would also love to live in Egypt with a team sharing the love of God to those in Cairo and all around Egypt.

I will be staffing at YWAM Kona from 2023 to the foreseeable future, where Britain and I will lead young people into the world to further the Kingdom of God and to know God deeper. YWAM is an organization who wants to further the Kingdom of God, by reaching people who have never heard of Jesus before. They specialize in sending people to unreached people. The base is Kona Hawaii, where we worship and love GOD.

WE would just love for you to pray for us and help us financially as you are willing, because the way you give will help more people learn about Jesus. And for us, we know this life is temporary so we give; knowing our reward in Heaven is only growing.

God bless you, Jesus died for you, and knowing Him is the point of living!

Jonathan & Britain

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