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Jonathan Ingersoll

Jonathan Ingersoll


Hello! My name is Jonathan Ingersoll although I'm guessing if you have come to this page you already know that!

Thank you so much for being willing to partner with me in my service to YWAM and more importantly my commitment to the gospel! I truly could not do this without the support of each and every one of you. You are an answer to prayer.

Here is a little bit about what it is I will be doing and what you are partnering with. YWAM is a ministry that trains up those who are hungry for the world to hear the gospel of Jesus. I will be helping lead Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) which consist of 3 months of teaching and training followed by 3 months of outreach in a specific nation around the world. The mission of YWAM is to fulfill the great commission and they do this by bringing in students to KNOW GOD and then send them out to MAKE HIM KNOWN.

In March of 2022 I completed my DTS and it completely changed my life. I came to know God in a way I never have, and now He is my best friend and first love. There is not a moment of the day where He isn't right by my side and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever gotten to experience. We were created to know God and to know Him intimately and DTS is an amazing way for people to come and either begin or strengthen their relationship with Him.

While I am with YWAM I will be considered a "full-time missionary". This means my service with them will be my full time job. However YWAM does not pay its staff. It is a non-profit organization and that means each of their staff live off of their own support from their churches, families, friends, and other partners. So I need your help in order to sustain this season financially and to be able to give my time to everything the Lord wants to do with my life while I serve with YWAM.


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