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Jenna Follett

Jenna Follett


Hi Guys!! My name is Jenna Follett, a full-time missionary with YWAM in Guinea-Bissau!


I was born in Michigan which is where I grew up and called home for 18 years of my life. I am now, 19 years old, living all the way across the world, in a country I didn’t know about until 3 months ago. God is so cool! I met Jesus when I was very young, and I can always remember going to church. Although, I didn’t have a meaningful, real relationship with Him until my parents got a divorce in middle school. This put me down a path of trying to find hope and love in the world while pushing away the only one who is love. I became extremely depressed and suicidal during this time, but God speaks, and He speaks so well. He spoke to me, in such a calm voice saying the three words my heart needed most; “I am here.” At that moment, His love wrapped around me like never before and it changed my life forever. A year later, He called me to Missions at a summer youth camp then a year after that at the same camp, He told me “Africa.” Already, at 13 years old, I knew God had a plan so much bigger than my own. He took me from not wanting to live, to going to the ends of the earth for people to just know, the love that He shows me every day.


Since graduating high school in 2023 I have been doing my Discipleship Training School with YWAM in Kona, HI. I spent this last fall serving the base in Kona and getting marked for the nations!! I was placed in Guinea-Bissau on my Outreach Phase and the Lord had even Bigger Plans! He told me to stay a month into Outreach and now, I live here. I can’t see myself anywhere else in the world and I truly am so excited to walk out Matthew 28!


While in Guinea-Bissau, I will be working with a couple different ministries! I am working with a Disability Kids Orphanage that YWAM Guinea-Bissau now are partners with! I am teaching English to all our staff on Base which is so important for them to be able to communicate with the teams that come here for Outreach! I am teaching English to our teenagers that live on Base as well as doing a BIBLE STUDY with them a couple times a week! I am doing Bible Distribution every week being, able to tell people about Jesus and spread the word of God. And lastly, I am going to be working at the clinic on base helping people with not only spiritual needs, but physical!


I am looking for a monthly support of $750 USD a month! Which will cover the cost of rent, utilities, food, health insurance, transportation, and the ability to give towards local Guinea-Bissau needs!


I would be so blessed if you would prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly supporters that I am growing or contributing a one-time gift!


Thank you all so much!


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