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Jana Davis

Jana Davis


Hello!! My name is Jana Davis, and I recently graduated from Radiant School of Ministry's full-time program.

When I truly came to know and be known by Jesus, one of the first things that marked my life was a desire to evangelize. I had just started community college when I was set on fire for the Gospel, and that became my mission field. I had no intention of being in full-time vocational ministry and had plans to complete community college and finish my degree at Cornerstone University. I had wild dreams about seeing a "Christian college" be set on fire for the Gospel and see professing believers come awake. I hoped to be involved with on-campus ministry, all while completing my plan of getting a degree so that I could join the workplace after.

In the spring before I planned to transfer, down payment and roommate already set, I sat in a youth service (I was a leader at the time) and had one of the most eye opening dialogues with the Lord I had ever had. I felt the Lord ask me if I thought I was ready to do campus ministry and to lead my peers. Of course I said, YES! Surely, by the time September rolled around, I would be ready. After I had this thought, I felt the Lord lovingly show me how I had fear of praying over others. With something as simple as that, I  realized that I did have the zeal and the drive, but I wasn't equipped to minister to others like I thought I was. The Lord immediately revealed to me that HIS plan for me was to attend RSM.

In RSM, the Lord brought together a web of passions and burdens in my heart, such as homeless ministry, discipleship, local outreach and international missions, and it is an honor to join RSM as a staff resident and to lead in some of these exact areas. This upcoming year, I will be coming alongside the full-time staff to help organize and execute local outreach, lead evangelism nights, disciple the first year students, and see my peers equipped and ready to share the gospel everywhere they go. The Lord is using the burden he gave me while in community college, but in his way and his timing.

I can't do this by myself! I need a team of people who will support me through this upcoming year.  Will you consider partnering with me as I enter into this season of full-time ministry? I am looking for those who are willing to cover me in prayer over this next year and or/ financially support me with a monthly donation.

I need you to know how thankful I am for your prayerful consideration, and I am so excited to walk through these next months with you and Jesus!


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