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Jimmy Chacon

Hi Friends,

I am currently under an organization called YWAM, or Youth With A Mission. In the next 6 months I will be doing practical training on what it looks like to live a life as a disciple of Jesus, and be a missionary wherever I go! I also have the privilege to be going on a 3 month trip to North Africa working in one of the most unreached nations in the world!

After these 6 months, I will be flying to Kona, Hawaii to staff a few summer camps that equip high school students on being missional in their schools! I am praying about what my next steps include following this, but I will likely be planning and launching on a 50 state tour across America to reach Gen Z students. On this trip I will preach the Gospel, worship Jesus, empower my generation to live a life of deep intimacy with Christ, submit to the word of God and be bold messengers of the good news! Through this tour, I will also be taking some form of online biblical studies or theology courses to grow my knowledge and understanding of who God is!

I am deeply passionate about friendship with Jesus, and what it means to live a life of intimacy with God. When I am close to the Father, his desires become mine. This means I am devoted to seeing the great commission fulfilled, I am eager to preach the good news, and I am desperate for a move of God in my generation and in the nations of the earth! What a joy to be a co-laborer of Christ and that we all get to join in on His mission together!

Thank you for your partnership and prayers! I am deeply encouraged!

Until all have heard,

Jimmy Chacon :)

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