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Jordanna Bussey

Jordanna Bussey


Hello, my name is Jordanna Bussey!

I’m a 22 year old missionary and ministry school student at the UPPERROOM in Dallas, TX. I have a fire in my heart for the great commission, to reach the lost + to reach Israel with the message of Yeshua the Messiah, and to plant/sustain Houses of Prayer. My time in my 2nd year of ministry school (during 2023-2024) will be training and equipping me to plant/sustain Houses of Prayer. My desire is to plant one in Israel one day. 

All donations will go to ministry school + missions trips expenses, as well as basic living when needed.

If you feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to give financially -- You can give both a 1-time gift or become a monthly financial partner through this page! Donations through EquipNet are all tax-deductible!

Here, below is how you can stay in touch with me and learn more!

– Jordanna Bussey

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