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James and Aisha Toombs

James and Aisha Toombs


James and Aisha Toombs are full time Missionaries with YWAM Circuit Riders, a training community that launches movements to reach the next generation.


Our passion is Jesus, our mission field is our generation, and our opportunity is now. We believe that we will see another Jesus Movement sweep across not only America, but this generation globally. We have given our lives to see this become a reality. Gen Z is considered by Barna Research to be the first truly unchurched generation on earth. The statistics on mental health, dysmorphia, confusion, and suicidal thoughts are devastating, and yet Jesus has said that the Harvest is plentiful, but the Laborers are Few.

What we do in Circuit Riders is both share the Gospel for young people to get saved and mobilize and train for more laborers. From our experience, when Gen Z gives their life to Jesus they are zealously devoted to evangelism, discipleship, and to live like Christ. They are pulled out of the darkness they felt trapped in before, and launched into a life of freedom, joy, and purpose in Christ, not to mention incredible capacities of leadership. We have seen this transform the cultures on college and high school campuses and go on to impact the workplace and local communities at large. The future depends on the next generation, and it is our honor to see God move in hundreds and even thousands of young people each year.

Practically, we send teams of evangelists to high schools, universities, prisons, and inner cities around the world to host Gospel events. We share the Gospel, pray for, and see healing emotionally, mentally, and physically. Additionally, we train up young people to know their identity in Christ and begin to walk in leadership and ownership of their generation.


James' primary role in Circuit Riders is as a global evangelism coordinator and trainer, one on one mentor, preacher, and leader in the ministry. Aisha's primary role is discipling young people through Worship Leading, Songwriting, Preaching and one on one Discipleship. Aisha serves our Women's Movement and we both serve in Prison ministry, our Black Voices Movement, our local prayer room, our bi-annual discipleship school, and in many evangelistic festivals and schools globally throughout the year.

Together, we believe that we could see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our day!


Thank you for sewing into this next generation and into the expanding of the Kingdom of God!


James and Aisha

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