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Jasmine Arevalo

Jasmine Arevalo


Hi Everyone!

My name is Jasmine, and I’m a 23-year-old full-time missionary. The Lord called me to full-time missions after graduating from college in May 2022 and I’ve been in missions since! The Lord first called me to do a 6-month Discipleship School in YWAM Kona. For 3 months I was being trained and then I went to do outreach in the Philippines for another 3 months. In the Philippines, we saw so many salvations, healings, and people rededicate their lives to Jesus. While in the Philippines, the Lord spoke to me to go to Brazil for a 3-month Bible school that started in July. Therefore when I got back from the Philippines in March, I was then sent to Brazil in July. In this Bible school, we went through the whole Bible cover to cover, and I was completely wrecked by God’s character. It was like everything just clicked together. My questions and honestly my doubts about God were brought to light and I was finally able to see God in the purest form. This school completely changed my life. After this, the Lord asked me to stay in Brazil in faith to do a Leadership School/Worldview School. This school was focused on showing us how to look at topics like racism, feminism, and politics from a Biblical standpoint. This course really opened my eyes and taught me how God is in everything, even the things that look too hard for him to intervene in. 

But what’s next? The Lord has called me to stay in Brazil again, but now as a staff! I will now be in Brazil for the next year, staffing a school called the Dunamis School of Ministry. This school is split into 4 different phases: Lecture Phase, Outreach Phase, Bible Immersion, and Leadership Phase. My role in this school is to help train, disciple and push my students to look more like Jesus. I will be leading a house of girls for the first 3 months, then leading a team to the nations, and also playing a role in their overall growth as we all read through the Bible together and do the leadership phase. This is such a great honor and joy for me because God has given me a front-row seat to see Him move in the lives of my students and in the nations. I feel so lucky to be in Brazil, and to see the revival that the Lord is brewing in this beautiful country! 

How can you be a part of this? I want to invite you to become a part of my family of monthly supporters and go on this journey with me! I cannot do this without your prayers and financial support. Therefore, I want to open this opportunity for you to pour into not only my life but into every life that will be touched wherever I’m sent. YOU play a role in missions, some give by going to the nations, but some go in the form of funding those in the nations! But together, we are building and seeking to see God’s kingdom advance. 

I am looking to raise a monthly support amount of $1,000. This will cover: housing, food, transportation, daily hygiene essentials, student loans, and savings! Would you prayerfully consider financially partnering with me in what God is doing in my life and in the world by joining my family of monthly investors, or contributing a one-time donation? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via text or email. 

With all my heart, Thank you for listening to what God is doing in my life! 

Love you, 


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