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Jasmine Arevalo

Jasmine Arevalo


Hello! My name is Jasmine and I am so grateful that you have set some time aside to hear God's vision and mission over my life!

After graduating from college this past May, the Lord is now calling me to be a full-time missionary with the organization Youth With A Mission. YWAM is a Christian nonprofit organization with bases in almost every nation that trains and sends out young people with burning hearts, to the ends of the earth, carrying the love of Jesus.

At YWAM I will be doing a 6-month discipleship training program that will start in September and end in March! I will be doing the first 3 months in Kona, Hawaii, where I will be in the lecture phase of the program. This phase is super crucial because this is where I will learn about God on a deeper level, therefore being equipped and trained to tell others about God. After the lecture phase, I will then be sent out to the nations doing outreach for the remaining 3 months of the program. During the outreach, I will get to share the gospel, serve others, and be on the front lines for Jesus.

I feel like we're all thinking it, but yes I know it sounds crazy! Trust me, I know. But what's even crazier is that God healed me, transformed me, and redeemed my whole entire heart. The best part is that at the root of all this, it was His love that never stopped chasing after me. His love is something that I wish I could explain, but there's just not enough words to describe it. But it was by His love that made me go from partying, drinking, smoking to complete soberness. It was by his love that showed me I didn't need to find my worth, validation, or attention from men/social media but solely from God. It was all because of LOVE. Therefore, now I hope to share this kind of transformational love with others. After many years in the world, the void in my heart was finally filled with the only thing that could satisfy it, the true love from the one who created me.

The Lord has placed a burning in my heart to see revival within my generation, but it was the revival that took place in my own heart that birthed it. I want to see my generation equipped to reach the lost, and to know who Jesus truly is! It still sounds crazy to me that God would call me, a girl from Covina, CA to go preach the gospel to the world. But, it makes it that much more exciting to say YES to Jesus. The time is now for young, bold, and courageous believers to go out and tell the world about Jesus. Therefore, I'm dedicating these next 6 months to unapologetically pursue Jesus with everything in me!

As a full-time missionary, I have the honor and responsibility to gather a family of people who would be willing to pray and financially partner with me. In order to walk out in the fullness of God's calling over my life, I am actively seeking to invite my family, friends, and fellow believers who feel led to sow into me and believe in the call God has over my life. 100% of my income is based on the partnership of believers, and it is an honor to fully rely on the Lord for provision through His people.

By sowing financially into my life, you aren't just sowing to me but rather the whole kingdom of God!

I would love to ask you to consider becoming a part of my support family, both in prayer and financially. I am fully surrendering and trusting that God will provide the $10,000 needed to be able to fulfill the calling that he has on my life. Therefore, I kindly ask that if you feel led or want to donate to support me, that it would truly mean the world to me!

God Bless,

Jasmine Arevalo

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