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Isaac Sommers

Isaac Sommers


Hi All!

I am the son of Denver and Rose Sommers and the brother to Ethan Aidan and Elliot. I grew up in Lancaster, PA going to Mellinger Mennonite Church, and graduated from Lancaster Mennonite Highschool in 2016. In 2019 the Lord called me to stay in Kona after bringing me here for a 10-day construction trip. I stayed a year volunteering on the YWAM campus doing construction, then did a DTS and went to Nepal for outreach.

After going to Nepal I did the secondary school, Revival & Reformation. The Lord then called me to remain here in Kona to staff Revival & Reformation, but more specifically the Lord has put it on my heart to disciple men and lead them out of the bondage and slavery that sin brings. Having given up working to earn an income, I now have to rely on the provision of the Lord through supporters to continue to staff.

My goal is to raise $2500-$3000 in monthly support to cover rent, food, gas, clothes, toiletries and a little extra for small ministry opportunities. I would greatly appreciate prayer, I am be stepping into more of a leadership role and this will be a new experience for me. My biggest prayer request would be that the Lord would use me to speak life, truth and freedom into the students I am in charge of and that this season of life would grow me into the man God intended me to be.

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