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Isabella Loparo

Isabella Loparo


I’m going back to California to staff CR Experience in Huntington Beach, CA! In September I will be driving across the country to help lead the same school I attended last October-May.

Carry the Love 2019 toured last spring with the campaign “It has Already Begun”. I was a part of this tour playing keys on worship teams, seeing people set free, delivered, and saved every stop we went. (Most of those stories are on my blog if you’d like to know more about my experience last year) This year the CR community of around 200 people hosted over 300 meetings internationally and saw over 40,000 students gather because of Jesus. Over 3,000 students gave their lives to Christ at Universities and High Schools, undone by intentional love of Jesus.

My second year. I will be a house mom and helping with a teaching track/mentoring girls who will be students just like I was last year. I am also planning on helping the Circuit Riders expand internationally, especially in the UK. The Circuit Riders are planning to expand to 500 campuses next year, and having an entire 5 month tour be in Europe, as well as beginning to pioneer in Asia.

In order for me to do this I need help. I have to raise a monthly budget of $2000 to cover housing, travel, tuition and food. I am asking people to invest in God’s Kingdom, through me, by committing to support me $10, $20, $50 or even $100 monthly (until June 2020). Any amount truly helps. If you feel called to support me financially, the best ways are listed at Most importantly I am asking for you to please support me in prayer. In this season, please be praying that I am able to help others walk into freedom, continue learning myself, and seeing the Kingdom of God advance through this ministry.

I know this is what God is asking me to do, and if He could do it once I am excited to see how He will send me again. Please stay in touch through any method below, I would love to hear from you!

Isabella Loparo | 703.919.3275 |

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