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Isaiah Johnson-Fichtner

Isaiah Johnson-Fichtner


Hello, my name is Isaiah Johnson-Fichtner.

I am a full time missionary currently serving the city of Portland, Oregon. I am working alongside YWAM (Youth with a Mission). YWAM is an international mission’s movement dedicated to seeing the gospel of God presented to every tribe, tongue, and nation. To the ends of the earth. Those who work within this community exist to know God and to make Him known. Students come across the world to different cities and places to be trained and sent out. I have a team of nine that I have the privilege of walking with in this season. We all have burning hearts to see the city of Portland as it is in heaven.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. My birth mom was unable to provide me with a stable home. I was put into foster care and was raised in several different homes. God gave me my forever home at the age of 5. My adopted parents are one of a kind. They are on fire for the Lord and have paved the way for what it means to follow Christ and to live wholeheartedly for Him.

Life was not always as most people come to realize. Being adopted comes with its own challenges that I had to hurdle over. At the age of 15, I found myself in juvenile detention. This was the moment that shifted everything for me. My eyes were open to a reality that I didn’t think would ever be my own. There is not a lot to do when sitting in jail. As a way to pass time, we would go around and share our reason for why we were in there. As stories were being told of kids killing, robbing, stealing, and more, God started downloading a map of my own life and speaking to me in the moment. It was finally my turn and as I shared my story of joyriding, my heart broke for everybody in that room. I realized that there was more for me in store that God had. I ended up being detained over Christmas for a week. It was the call over my life that God had shown. He spoke these words, “You’ve experienced this so that you can show others, specifically you peers, your generation, and the next, hope and the way to the Father. You will not be what the world will label you, you will be what I have called you, a son.”

I have answered the call. I finished my DTS (Discipleship training school), which is required by anyone looking to partner with YWAM, last year. It is 6 months of intense training and preparation. Three months are for lectures. The other three months are being in the field. God transformed me in many ways. He showed me what a true father looks like and what it looks like to have a true intimacy with HIM. I did my field work in South Africa. This country is on the brink of revival and to have a small part in that was such a privilege. I saw the Lord move, break addiction, shame, guilt, fear off so many individuals. His presence was unshakeable. It just provokes me more and more to chase after the hungry ones and the burning ones. I learned a couple things during this time. One, honesty and integrity should be a priority in your life. Two, we all have a job to do. We need to love, serve and extend our hands to one another.

Less than 1% of African Americans are currently serving in full time missions. My heart is to see more missionaries of color step out in faith into where the Lord is calling. I want them to understand that they don’t have to sit still, but that they can become a vessel for the Kingdom of God. I want to see the next generation raise their voice and use their gifts and talents to showcase the creative God that we get to serve. There are 3.2 billion people that have never heard the name of Jesus. Its time to go. - Matthew 9:37

In the recent months I have moved to Portland, Oregon. We are a pioneering team of nine that felt the Lord call us here in different ways. We each carry something unique that we want to express to the city. Our primary focus is to minister to the: urban, homeless, evangelism, and the foster care system. We believe that Portland carries a creative spirit that needs to be brought to life. We want to see Portland as it is in heaven. We will be training and sending out young people to the nations while serving the local communities and churches here.

As a full time missionary, I am living off the provision of God and the financial support of others.

1 Corinthians 9:14 specifically talks about how those sent to preach the gospel shall receive their living by the gospel.

I am building a team of support and I ask that you pray about giving financially and partnering with me and what God is doing here in Portland. Specifically for the next two years, I will be living fully of the generosity of others. Of course, if monthly doesn’t work for you, one-time donations are also appreciated. Thank you for your love and support. God bless you all!

Isaiah Johnson-Fichtner

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