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Isaiah Beishline

Isaiah Beishline


Hi Everybody, my name is Isaiah Beishline and for the last 2 years I’ve been a full time missionary with “Youth With A Mission Kona” YWAM Kona. The mission of YWAM is “To KNOW God, and make Him KNOWN”.

I first joined YWAM in Fall of 2021 where my relationship with God was truly ignited. Originally I had no intention of becoming a missionary, but God drew my heart to chase after His in building my own relationship with Him and then going and helping others do the same. Now I cannot see my life heading in any other direction but to be in full pursuit of God’s call on my life wherever and however that leads.

Today I am a part of the YWAM Taipei base, staffing the School of Biblical Studies. Students of this school will get to spend nine months learning to Observe, Interpret and Apply God’s word from this time into the rest of their lives. I got to be apart of this school in Kona Hawaii in 2022/2023, and it marked a huge move of God in my life, where my own calling into missions really was revealed. And so just like me and countless others, I’m super expectant so see God do amazing things in these nine months in the students and through them as well! 

It has been such a wild ride following God in a life of missions, and for this year in Taiwan I am looking for partners to support me in this ministry. Whether it's with a one time donation or if you’d like to become a monthly supporter, it would be an incredible blessing!

If you have any more questions, please reach out and I would love to tell you more!


Isaiah Beishline

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