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Hamilton Davis

Hamilton Davis


Good Day Family and Friends, I am grateful that you are here and seeing how God has called me to be on mission in Japan.

Over the past few years God has been prompting me, opening many doors I never knew existed. First, God tugging on my heart to move to the other side of the world teaching English in the northern region of Japan and now making the leap of faith to be a full-time missionary. I have met and engaged with many wonderful families and individuals here in Japan, who honestly, have a hopeless outlook on life and are starving for a love they don’t even know exist. Authentic friendships are almost unheard of in Japan.

God has called me to share hope and love with the Japanese. The way that I can devote myself fully is by stepping through the next door God has opened for me. I am teaming up with another missionary family who I have had the pleasure to come to know in the U.S. before moving to Japan in 2016. I will be moving to Kagoshima, Japan where I will assist in starting and leading a Youth English Outreach Program. Through this outreach we will be able to connect with children and their families spreading hope in a nation where loneliness, isolation and suicide ranks number one across all age demographics.

Please join me on mission through partnering in prayer and financial support allowing me to devote my energy and effort in sharing the gospel with the 2nd largest unreached people group on Earth.

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