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Hannah Bliss

Hannah Bliss



My name is Rivers, and I currently serve with YWAM Fire and Fragrance South Africa. FFSA is a community located in Potchefstroom, South Africa, dedicated to training and equipping individuals with diverse skill sets to bring revival & reformation in all nations and spheres of society. There is a world waiting for an encounter with Jesus - 3 billion people have never experienced the power of the Gospel or the love of Jesus. We believe YOU are the solution.

My life has been turned upside-down by the sweet love and beautiful lordship of Jesus. I have become fully alive by saying "YES" to Him and I am passionate to see others experience this same life-giving joy found in full surrender.

As FFSA, we are passionate about living a life intimately connected to the presence of Jesus. We believe that through this, we will see the world around us transformed by His love. Our community exists to empower and equip people to be fiery-eyed ambassadors of Christ - whether that be across the street or across the globe.

Our five main focuses are: 1) Prayer Room - exalting Jesus in worship and contending with Him for His people, 2) Evangelism - reaching individuals and nations with the wonderful news of the gospel, 3) Training - centering our lives around Jesus and equipping people to wildly follow Him with all of their heart, 4) Media - rewriting South Africa's story to align with God's design, and 5) End Bible Poverty Now - seeing every person in Southern Africa have a Bible in their language.

I am incredibly privileged to get to be a part of this community and the story God is writing in South Africa. This base has only been running for 2.5 years, and has already hosted 500 short-term missionaries, seen almost 10,000 salvations, and is growing to almost 100 full-time staff. We have ministries that reach into almost every corner of Potchefstroom - a reading program, a Discipleship Training School, a Bible School, a rehab ministry, a prostitute ministry, and evangelism throughout the city. On top of this, we have a vision to see all of Africa transformed by the fullness of the Gospel - a Gospel that saves not only individuals, but nations.


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