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Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez


Embarking on Circuit Riders' 6-month missions and leadership training school, CRX, has significantly transformed my life. My fervent passion for God and His purposes has grown through immersive classes covering Kingdom Culture, advocating for the marginalized in missions, exploring the Gospel, and delving into the person of the Holy Spirit.

The undeniable impact of God's movement within the school and our community brings me immense joy in this season of enduring change. I am dedicating my entire life and lifestyle to the enduring message and ministry of Jesus Christ, finding inspiration in the realization that the fire ignited within me by God will continue propelling me forward even 50 years from now.

This period is characterized by profound transformation and a shift away from self-focus as I redirect my attention toward living for Jesus Christ. Initially driven by a commitment to surpass student standards, I've been humbled and reconstructed by God, leading me to let go of the need for validation based on performance.

I'm thrilled to share that during the outreach phase of my discipleship program, I'll be heading to East Europe, pioneering to 11 different nations with a team of 11 people. Our focus in East Europe starting January 2024 is to carry the presence of God and His glory wherever we go. However, I'm in need of support to make this happen. 

I humbly seek your prayerful support and partnership through monthly financial contributions. Your financial assistance is vital for covering various costs such as transportation, food, outreach fees, and essentials during our travels in Europe. Your prayers will serve as a source of strength and encouragement, guiding our path and inviting God's guidance, presence, and glory into our everyday lives. My life has undergone a profound transformation, and I believe this is just the beginning.

Thank you for considering joining me on this incredible journey with God. Your support and partnership are deeply appreciated. May God bless you abundantly!

If you have any questions, would like to offer support, or desire further connection, please feel free to reach out to me at the following email address:


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