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Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez


During our mission trip to Uganda and Kenya, I underwent a life-changing experience. It all began with a terrifying dream where I felt like a dark spirit was trying to drag me down by my arm. Instead of letting it scare me, it motivated me to be brave, like a lion, and step out of my comfort zone. As we entered a village known for its witchcraft practices, my faith grew stronger, and I became even more committed to serving and surrendering to God.

In the first week, we organized a big event called an evangelical crusade in Mutugga village. We witnessed amazing things happen, such as people being saved, healed, and freed from evil spirits. I also had the chance to share an inspiring message and give a Bible to a woman who truly needed it.

The second week was all about attending a conference focused on pastoral and leadership skills. I met important leaders and pastors from Africa and learned the difference between being a mere believer in God and truly being a devoted son or daughter of God. I was nervous but trusted the Holy Spirit as I preached at a Sunday service for the very first time. The intensity continued into the third week. We attended classes at a Bible college and preached every evening in different villages and churches, relying on the Holy Spirit to guide us through the challenges.

When we moved on to Kenya, we visited a high-security prison area where we prayed over the land where a church would be built. We also organized a children's service on Saturday, fed hundreds of kids, and held an evening service where thousands found faith. The most powerful moment, though, was witnessing hardened criminals give up their weapons and turn to God for redemption. Our journey ended in Kenya with a moving church celebration. On an unexpected note, we visited a village in dire conditions on Monday, an experience that deeply touched me as it reminded me of my mother's past struggles and highlighted the transformative grace of God.

I am excited to share that this mission trip was just the beginning of what's next for me, a 7-month discipleship program with Circuit Riders starting on October 1st. Everything that has happened so far is like my own prophecy coming true after a year. During this discipleship program, I will receive comprehensive training in disciple-making, leadership development, and effective communication outreach, with a focus on preaching. My heart is to continue to lean into God like never before by serving and submitting to Him deeply in all areas of my life.

I humbly request your prayerful support and partnership with monthly financial contributions. Your financial support will play a crucial role in covering the cost for food, transportation, home essentials, and outreach fee. Your prayers will serve as a source of strength and encouragement, guiding my path and inviting God's guidance into my everyday life. My life has been completely changed, and I believe this is just the beginning. It's time for bigger steps of faith and to think outside the box as I grow and go through this 7-month journey with Circuit Riders.

Thank you for considering joining me on this incredible journey with God. I deeply appreciate your support and partnership. May God bless you abundantly! If you have any questions, would like to offer support, or desire further connection, please feel free to reach out to me at the following email address:


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