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Grace Lilly

Grace Lilly


When I was 12 Christ saved my life, and at 13 I vowed to follow Him wherever and into whatever He called me to go.

When I was 14, the Lord gave me a heart that longed to see those wandering in darkness without hope come to know Him as their hope and light. And with this longing, the Lord shifted my heart to international missions.

In the years that have followed, the Lord has led me to India for my YWAM Discipleship Training School, Japan, Niger, and Northern Ireland. The Lord has also led me to Colorado Christian University where I earned a Bachelors in Theology with a minor in Intercultural Ministry.

Now, the Lord has invited me to follow Him to Oita, Japan. The Lord shifted my heart toward Japan and the Japanese in 2019, and has imparted to me a longing to see the Japanese come to know His love, hope, peace, encouragement, and redemption. I long to see the Japanese, especially young Japanese, come to know what is the breadth and length and height and depth of the love that God has for each of them (Ephesians 3: 18-21).

The heart of YWAM Oita is to apply hospitality, cultivation of God’s presence and creativity to minister the love of God to the people of Japan. I will be developing connections with local university students in the Oita area through the use of hospitality, friendship, and English conversation experiences. Centered on the ministry of presence and hospitality, these students will be invited into my home, life, events, and various other settings where the love of God will be ministered through faithful Christian hospitality through meals, conversation, genuine friendship, and walking together through life.

YWAM as an organization has a focus on knowing God and making God known, so I will also partner with YWAM Oita in this mission in the local area. This may look like worship ministry, art ministry, English classes, being involved in the local community, participating in the local church body, staffing Discipleship Training Schools, and walking in fellowship with local believers and missionaries. Wherever the Lord invites me to step into partnership with His work, I will partner with Him. I foresee myself partnering in ministry both to believers and nonbelievers.

Just as I partner with the Lord in the work that He is doing in Oita, Japan, I invite you to partner with the work that the Lord is doing in Japan. Just as the apostle Paul invited the church of Philippi to continue their partnership with him in the work that the Lord was doing amidst the Gentiles all over the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, so I invite you to partner with me in prayer and financial support.

Please, walk with me as I am sent out to minister the love of God through the gospel to the Japanese - as Paul was sent out to minister the love of God to the Gentiles. Your prayer is an immense encouragement to me, because I know that my brothers and sisters all over the world are united with me in seeking the redemption of the Japanese people.

Your financial support of the Lord's work among the Japanese allows me to focus all of my time, energy, resources, and self to the ministry set before me. The Lord will provide for His work in finance, resource, time, opportunity, and labor, so I invite you to be part of His provision for the work that He desires to do in Japan and is even now already doing.


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