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Gabriel Carnuccio

Gabriel Carnuccio



My name is Gabe Carnuccio. I am currently a full-time missionary in one of the darkest cities in the world - Los Angeles, CA. I have prayerfully decided to join a house church movement taking place in Studio City, LA. Our house church is designed to see people who have been fully influenced by the world, meet Jesus, and be fully influenced by Him. Our goal is to show these people who have "everything" that there is more to life than drugs, alcohol, cars, sex, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. They NEED Jesus!

As representatives of Jesus, my team and I want to undo any church hurt that this community has experienced in the past and help them to see Jesus authentically. Two of the most common narratives we see are either people who have misunderstood the church and have been offended or people who have never even heard the Gospel. Either way you look at it, the people of Los Angeles are an unreached people group desperate for truth. The lack of Jesus in this nation has led to an all-time high of suicide, drug overdose, anger, lack of identity, and addiction to pornography and sex. There is an urgency right now in Los Angeles to see people come to know Jesus and get freedom from these bondages that have held them down their whole lives. We are so sick and tired of seeing suicide in America. As in all battles, people are dying, and we are eager to serve on the front lines.

I plan on doing missions for the rest of my life or until God leads me elsewhere. I still plan on doing long term missions in nations all over the world but for the time being, I have felt such an urgency to be in LA right now. I desire and feel led by the Lord to be here for the next couple of years as we pioneer this movement. God has opened up some doors for us to be able to get into some of the most exclusive parties and events in town. We are undercover Christians going into these parties to evangelize and tell people about the love of Jesus. Countless times, we have witnessed the lord do amazing things at these events and people's lives are being changed. As people develop interest in what we have to say, we get them plugged into our house church where they continue to get encouraged and have their faith further constructed.

At our church, we are seeing people surrender their lives to Jesus and people developing more and more intimacy every week. We get to see both sides of the ministry. The ministry tactics in LA are very similar to the tactics used in closed nations. It feels as if nowadays you can be anything you want except a Christian. We are having to disciple into salvation rather than see salvation and then disciple. It takes time, effort, and relationship development to see people restored from church hurt. It is only through the blood of Jesus that their hearts are softened and able to receive the truth of Jesus Christ and not the religious hurtful lies they grew up hearing. We are witnessing miracles everyday due to our yes to Jesus.

We are looking forward to the future because of some of the things the Lord has put on our hearts. In the future we plan on hosting tent revival events. We want to have gatherings of hundreds of people teaching sermons, worshiping Jesus, preaching the gospel, and leaving space for the Holy Spirit to do radical things. We also have plans to do mini outreaches all across America stopping at college campuses doing tent revivals and other exciting ministry events.

You might be wondering how it is possible that I am able to be doing this full time without a source of income. It is through you guys that I am able to serve the Lord in LA. It is through all of your prayers and financial support that keeps me going. My supporters are my source of income. I am looking for investors to join with me and partner in what the Lord is doing through me. Some are called to go, and some are called to send. Help send me so we can keep seeing people get saved in LA. My goal is to receive about 3000 dollars a month for my financial needs moving forward as a missionary. These funds will be used to pay rent, buy food, pay for transportation, and pay for ministry costs. Prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter. If not, one-time donations, big or small, are also extremely helpful. If you can't support me financially at all, I still need you. I need your prayers to back me and my team. When you join my support team you will go with me into this mission field. You, sending me, is just as important as me going.

Donations through EquipNet are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Join me in prayer with through these prayer points below:

1. Pray for my team and I to prioritize and continue to develop more intimacy with God

2. Pray for our church leadership to be led by the Holy Spirit and united as one.

3. Pray for our ministry to continue thriving and that the Lord would continue opening doors.

4. Pray for health maintenance - even better, healing of multiple health conditions

Thank you. Love y'all. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Stay tuned for more updates...


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