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Garrett Accetturo

Garrett Accetturo


Hi! My name is Garrett Accetturo, and I am a missionary with YWAM Kona.

I started my first DTS (Discipleship Training School) on September 29th, 2022, and graduated in March! I am staffing with them to help disciple believers coming in and then to go out into the nations and preach the gospel! In my DTS, God turned my whole life around; he showed me that I was truly loved and that I was not an outcast but rather a son of the Most High!

The ministry will be split into two parts: a lecture phase that lasts 3 months, where students will come in and get discipled. This process has a radical impact on students and staff! Where God shows up and not only heals our hearts but teaches us to love one another graciously! In the second part, the school will split into teams of 10 with 2 staff and 8 students, and we will go into the nations and show Jesus' love to them! This is an incredible, stretching, and growing time where we learn to die to ourselves and serve others full-heartedly with love!

I need financial and prayer support to do this ministry that I believe God has called me to do! If you feel called to support me financially or in prayer, I would be more than grateful for your contribution to what God is doing in this season!


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