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Francesca Carnuccio

Hi! I’m Francesca Carnuccio, a full time missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Fire and Fragrance in Kona, Hawaii.

YWAM is a collaborative non-profit international missions organization whose values are to “know God and make God known” in all nations and tribes. Our desire as Fire and Fragrance, is to see a generation encouraged and equipped to walk out the calling on their lives. There is a desperate need for our generation to know who they truly are and be given the opportunity to live it out. As staff I will have the opportunity to disciple students, lead them to truth within the Word of God and invite them into a real relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Our generation needs to know there is more than social media influence, parties, fame, sex, drugs and money. They need discipleship and people willing to invest in them. They desperately need Jesus.

The heart of Fire and Fragrance is to wildly go after hosting the presence of Jesus while radically loving people and leading them to truth. The goal is to set a foundation of deep intimacy with Jesus as the center piece for all that we do and train students with the tools they need to take onto the mission field. Our mission is to go after the heart of Jesus and launch missionaries around the world to some of the darkest and hardest to reach corners of the Earth to bring revival that leads to reformation.

The focuses of Fire and Fragrance are:

• Worship and Intersession - Where we spend hours adoring Jesus, worshiping Him as King, and
interceding on behalf of the nations.

• Evangelism -Declaring the gospel and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone.

• Training - Raising up and equipping others to reach the lost and broken.

• Radical Service - Going out of our way to serve the people of Kona and the nations.

• Discipleship - Doing everyday life with our students, caring for their spiritual, emotional, and physical
needs just like Jesus did with His disciples.

I have been passionate about the mission field since I was a young girl and plan on being involved in missions my entire life. I plan on continuing to use my medical background as a nurse to serve all aspects of who we are; mind, body, and spirit. Through my nursing experience I am able to serve the community of Kona and anywhere else the Lord leads me. I plan to use nursing not just as an avenue of loving others, but also as a way to access places I would not have if it weren’t for my nursing background.

The harvest is truly ripe but the laborers are few. There are areas of the world where the name of Jesus has yet to be spoken and my desire is to see every nation and every tongue declare Jesus as King as they radically encounter His love. I know this lifestyle is out of the box and I understand it's not for everyone, but honestly I am so grateful to be a part of something that is truly transforming peoples lives around the world.

Your support is the reason this mission is possible. I live fully off of your financial support and have seen the power of what can happen when people come together in partnership.

I am looking for people who are willing to invest in what God is doing through my life. Please prayerfully consider joining my team and your role in partnership in reaching the nations of the Earth! What an adventure we get to do together!

Donations through EquipNet are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Join me in praying through these prayer points:

1. Pray for my team and I to continue to prioritize intimacy with Jesus above anything else. That Jesus would be first and ministry would come from a place of overflow.

2. Pray for me as I enter a season of being in leadership. That I would be fully lead by the Spirit and reliant on the Lord and not my own strength.

3. Pray for YWAM - Kona and Fire and Fragrance as we are on the front lines of the spiritual battle field, reclaiming territory that the enemy has tried to steal.

4. Pray for Kona Hawaii and the nations of the Earth! I want to encourage you to adopt a nation and intercede for God to move! For every language to have access to the Word of God.

Thank you. I look forward for building this partnership. Stay tuned for updates and stories!


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