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Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor


My name is Eve, and I am a recent graduate of the Radiant School of Worship located in Kalamazoo, MI.

I have a passion for worship and a burning desire to see people know and experience the presence of Jesus for themselves.

Six years ago, the Lord gave me a dream to lead worship in all 50 states before I am 50, but as I went through college, that dream took the backseat. In recent months, the dream has been reawakened, and I am thrilled to get to step into something 17 year old Eve could have only dreamed of!

Radiant School of Worship is an eight month discipleship program crafted to transform and equip next-generation leaders. Until this year, RSW and it's sister school, Radiant School of Ministry, have been two separate programs, but in recent months, the Lord has clearly been joining them together. RSM's mission is to train and SEND pioneers for revival. With these two schools collaborating, there is something very special being birthed, and I am blessed to take part in that!

I will be partnering with Radiant School of Ministry to spearhead and lead a traveling ministry that will be offered to the future and current students of RSM / RSW! With the two schools combining, the missions of training up worshipers and sending out missionaries are about to collide, and crafting a traveling ministry seems the next appropriate step the Lord is leading us to! 

Students will receive hands on training, teaching, and coaching, and then be sent

I am. thrilled to be stepping into what the Lord is calling me to, so I thank you for partnering with me and supporting me in whatever capacity!


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