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Esiah Rosario

Esiah Rosario


Hi, I am Esiah Rosario,

I am a missionary involved with YWAM, KONA. I will be staffing with The YWAM, Kona team for the next two years.

I will be in need of financial support along with prayer support. As I embark on this journey the lord has called me into. This will not be an easy task of stepping out of the ordinary to live a life fully around faith.

I am asking that you ask the lord yourself where and how he can use you in partnership with me in this journey. Whether that be through prayer and Intercession for protection/direction/health and whatever else the lord placed on your heart to pray.

Second if you feel financially and that the Lord has given you peace in doing so partnering with me financially. None of this would be possible without people like yourself every piece of the puzzle counts when seeing the whole picture.

Thank you so much for your consideration!


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