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Ethan Ponce

Ethan Ponce


Hi! My name is Ethan and I've been serving as a missionary with YWAM since September 2021.

I had finished my DTS school in YWAM Louisville in February 2022, and proceeded to take the SOMD (School of Ministry Development) shortly after. I graduated from that in August of 2022. During that time, I had done outreaches to Egypt and Turkey. As a result of those experiences, I felt a clear message from the Lord concerning Egypt and the Middle East. I started to understand a little bit more about God's heart for the Middle East. Moreover, our Muslim friends. When I started to understand my calling, I knew I wouldn't fulfill my role by staying in North America. I had to move East. In obedience to what I felt the Lord was calling me to, but also to my heart's discontent, I left YWAM Louisville and came to YWAM Lausanne in January 2023, in hopes of getting closer to my place of calling. I understood that YWAM Lausanne was deeply involved with ministry in Egypt, and so I made the choice to move there, and leave my home (Manitoba, Canada).

I have high hopes for the Middle East. Contrary to popular Western belief, these people are very warm and welcoming. I have often been met with a great deal of kindness from the Syrians, as they invited me into their homes to share a cup of tea and a bowl of popcorn. We would share stories and laugh together as if we had been lifelong friends. The Sudanese in Egypt shared the same hospitality as they often gave more than they could afford. Giving us the best of their food, for which they had worked tirelessly to provide it for their own families. During my stay in Turkey, my team and I had no place to stay. A Turkish military man offered his home for us to stay in for 4 days. The orphan boys in Egypt had lots of love to give, and my team often left with regret that we couldn't bring them home with us.

These are the people my heart breaks for. I long to see them. Be with them. I humbly ask for your partnership in this. I constantly fight the urge to go back home to be with my family and friends. To have a stable, comfortable life. The temptation to build life with my own hands. I need your help. Your partnership in prayer and finances. I no longer seek to build a life for myself, but to simply have the means to extend the loving hand of Jesus to those who are broken.

Help me reach the Middle East!


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