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Elizabeth Patrick

Elizabeth Patrick


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Patrick!

I am from a background of a multicultural family, my mother is Korean and my father is Caucasian. I was not born in the United States, instead I was born in Bamberg, Germany ( my father was in the Army and I was born in an Army base). Since my dad was in the military, we moved around a lot. Germany, South Korea, Georgia, Southern California, Washington State, and now I am living in Kona, HI.

I had a word spoken (prophecy) over me saying that I will be going to the nations doing missionary work planting churches and schools around different countries with my future family. I knew this was a promise from God. God had me want 10 years for He opened doors to this promise.

I am a part of an organization called Youth with a Mission (YWAM) here in Kona, Hawaii. I did a disciple training school ( DTS) and I am currently finishing up a secondary school called Revival and Reformation. I plan to come back and be on the staff team for a couple of years.

Without support and prayer, it would be difficult to do. This is why I am asking you to partner with me in changing this next generation’s lives through finances and through prayer.

I can wait for God to move in my life to change the younger generations live for two years. I just want to thank you in advance for the prayers and support.

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