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Elisha & Vimbai Nyandoro

Elisha & Vimbai Nyandoro


Our names are Elisha and Vimbai Nyandoro.

We're missionaries with YWAM and based in the Netherlands. At the moment we're re-pioneering a ministry in Arnhem, a city in the East of the country. We have been in missions for over 17 years and God has placed upon our hearts a passion for Generation X, millennials and GenZ.

 We seek to be an incubator that equips and champions these generations to become difference-makers in their sphere of influence through personal leadership development, mentorship and discipleship.

We believe that developing a deeper understanding of God’s original purpose for humanity, and a proper diagnosis of our human condition is required if we are to identify the proper antidote necessary, not only for our human transformation and renewal, but the whole of creation.

Our High Five Values:

Recognition: I see and value you

Trust: I believe and have confidence in you

Support: You're not alone

Affirmation: You can do it

Celebration: Well done, each step counts

Irrespective of where the person is at. We choose to see and listen with the eyes and ears of Truth and Love.

Elisha & Vimbai

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