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Ethan Mizell

Ethan Mizell


Hey Friends!! Welcome to my page!!

Since 2018, I’ve had a word of the Lord which has continually called me to missions. Over several events throughout the past year, he called me to join this organization called Circuit Riders.

Circuit Riders is a Missions Organization that mobilizes students worldwide on college campus and high schools to Save the Lost, Revive the Saved, and Train Them All. All summed up into what we call the CarryTheLove tour. While Circuit Riders is who we are, CarryTheLove is what we do. CarryTheLove is a grassroots campaign to inspire ALL generations to love like Jesus. Immobilizing thousands of students on hundreds of campuses to walk fully in the radical love of Jesus Christ. What a joy it is to be a part of this beautiful move of God.

What I’ll be doing with Circuit Riders practically looks like house leading (discipling students in their identity & relationship with Jesus), tour leading (organizing and leading groups of students around college campuses and possibly house churches leading worship and evangelizing), and leading worship wherever and whenever needed (Prayer room sets, intercession, worship for class, etc.)!

Which is why I am grateful for everyone’s investment into my life. This is not a part time but FULL-TIME commitment. I ask for support because we do not get paid to be missionaries, but we sacrifice all that we have to serve others. We believe that we can see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime. (Matt 28:16-20) The question is “Who will say yes to the call of God?” (Isaiah 6:8) However, may we never forget the local church is just as important as the “sent” ones.

To be honest friends, the reason why I continue to do missions is because Jesus continually invites me into two things. Simple Obedience, the willingness to say yes to anything despite what it looks like or how it makes me look even and the implausible fact that He wants deeper relationship with me. I really love Jesus and He really is my best friend. It’s as simple as that.

SO THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR READING !! Thank you for supporting me and this crazy adventure my buddy is sending me on. God Bless 🙂


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