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Ethan Mizell

Ethan Mizell


What’s up y’all,

My name is Ethan Mizell and I’m a full time missionary with Circuit Riders.

Circuit Riders is a YWAM missions and training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. Our passion is Jesus, our mission field is our generation. Over the past several years, we’ve seen Hundreds of Thousands Gathered and Tens of Thousands of Salvations. While Circuit Riders is who we are, there are 5 different expressions of Circuit Riders in which I am apart of.

CARRYTHELOVE, is our grassroots campaign to inspire our generation to love like Jesus. Every Spring semester Carry The Love visits campuses all across America and Europe to empower, train, and mobilize students into taking the Gospel action on their campus.

BLACK VOICES MOVEMENT, is our sending movement to empower young Black individuals with new leadership skill sets to go wherever God would send them in the harvest. When you look specifically at the missions movement in America, less than 1% of those who are in missions are Black. Similar to why a church may host a separate women’s or men’s ministry, Black Voices is an opportunity to uniquely gather, minister to, and empower young Black individuals in the Great Commission to reach all the earth with the gospel.

CIRCUIT RIDER MUSIC, is the sound of Circuit Riders. While we have different expressions of music, the goal is the same and it is simple. We never set out to “make it” as musicians or artists. We set out for our whole generation to be gripped by the message and mission of Jesus.

GREENHOUSE PRAYERROOM, is the prayer room for Circuit Riders and the local community here in Orange County, CA. The prayer room serves as a space where people can come to worship and pray; ministering to Jesus through the scriptures and intercession.

CIRCUIT RIDER MEDIA, a group of artisan messengers in Circuit Riders that have decided to give their time, skill, and experience to catalyze global impact and reach their generation with the love of Christ.

The Original Circuit Riders were a movement of selfless, dedicated individuals who rode on horseback giving their very lives to reaching the lost, forming discipleship settings, and shifting the culture around them through wholehearted obedience to Scripture. Their zeal for God created a culture of simple obedience to the teachings of Jesus and resulted in a movement later described as the First Great Awakening.

They had their horses, so in response we desire to use every tool available to Saving the Lost, Reviving the Saved, and Training them All.

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for your yes. Blessings.


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