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Emily Milburn

Emily Milburn


Hello, my name is Emily!

When I was 14 years old the Lord began giving me a heart for missions. From the moment He opened my eyes to the need to complete the Great Commission, I was determined to do my part. 8 years later, in the beginning of 2022, I joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I spent nearly two years in Brazil serving as a staff where I would disciple young Brazilians and international students to live a Gospel lifestyle.

Over time, the Lord has pushed me into a more specific field of Bible teaching. His Word has the power to change lives and there are currently billions of people who do not have access to it. And there are even people on the other spectrum who have access to his Word, but feel too overwhelmed to read it and get to know the true character of God. This is why the Lord has directed me to begin studying and teaching His Word - so that all can know who He says He is through His written Word.

I have transitioned back to the USA, and at the end of 2024 I will begin taking a 9 month school within YWAM called the School of Biblical Studies. This will equip me with a deep knowledge of the Word and how to study it so that I can share those tools with others. The goal is to bring the Living Word to all the ends of the earth.


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