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Eliza Marshall

Eliza Marshall


Hey! I’m Eliza Marshall and I am a missionary.

I started missions September 2021. My journey began with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Kona, Hawaii for three months, where I got trained as a missionary. From there, my training took me to Southeast Asia for a month and then to different cities in Mexico for 2 months. It was life changing and the Lord called me into long term missions after my training.

Shortly after coming home, the Lord put a strong desire in my heart to move to the Pacific Northwest. Within a few months of this desire tugging on me, I heard about YWAM PDX, a pioneering YWAM base in the city of Portland, Oregon. After much prayer and seeking the Lord over this opportunity, I moved to Portland!

I am on a growing team of 10 that is pioneering this base. Our vision is to see Portland as it is in Heaven and I continue to see greater glimpses of that!

My role on the team is leading the prayer room, running a social media platform, serving in ministries across the city, facilitating intercession for our team, and staffing our upcoming school for this fall. It’s an honor to dream with Jesus in these areas of ministry and to love the city of Portland through so many avenues.

Outside of my role in YWAM, the Lord asked me to work a part time position at a local coffee shop until the fall. It’s been a beautiful space of ministry, community, and obedience. I love being a part of this job!

I am short of my monthly financial goal as a long term missionary. As I work my way towards staffing a school for YWAM in the fall, meeting this goal is that much more important. My desire is to be fully supported in both prayer and finances—by your prayer and support, you are with me as I go!

If you are interested in partnering with the Lord and I in monthly support, click the donation button to the left, and I will reach out to you with more information.

You are a gift. Thank you.


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