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Ephraim Lonsako

Ephraim Lonsako


Hello! My name is Ephraim Lonsako.

I’m from Phoenix, AZ and come from a home that’s been saturated with history and love for Jesus. I come from a missionary home and my father has served as a missionary to Ethiopia on and off for over 15 years. Going out with my family as a child I never realized it could leave such a mark on my heart to see nations under the lens of what Jesus is doing within them.

Joining Circuit Riders is my first real step in this direction. Ever since I was a student in college I had a feeling my life was meant to be on the field serving in every capacity I can to see the gospel shared and within this space I’ve been able to serve like never before. I long to have my life stretched and pruned within a community that has made Jesus everything and the spread of His Gospel their life mission.

Circuit Riders is a missions movement planted in Huntington Beach that prioritizes raising up a generation that burns to not only be saved but to be sent out as missionaries of the gospel. Missionaries sent out from familiar spaces like college campuses, local neighborhoods, urban key areas and to the nations across the world lacking the freedom and consistency of hearing this Gospel! Recognizing the burning desire in this community, I quickly found my heart feeling alive like never before.

To live out this life, it’s going to take more prayer, counsel, and support than ever before! I look forward to chasing after this mission and spreading the message of Jesus resurrected beyond every expectation I’ve ever had for myself!

In order to do this, to live this lifestyle and serve at this capacity, I realize I will need your support. It’s a beautifully humbling moment to recognize your need for support from family and friends like yourselves. I’m so grateful you’ve taken the time to briefly hear my heart on this wild transition.

 Please genuinely pray and consider being a part of this story as a supporter at any capacity you are able to give. Should you need any further clarity on this journey do not hesitate to contact me directly! I look forward to updating you as often as possible on how the Spirit of God is alive and well in the earth through my small but wide open lens in this experience.

Anything you bring is such a beautiful offering to the Lord, be it prayer, support, or simply reaching out with encouragement - my heart is open to it all.


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