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Esther Kwak

Esther Kwak


Hi, my name is Esther Kwak and I am a full-time missionary with the Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, California!

Our purpose of Circuit Riders is to carry the love and the good news of Jesus Christ into universities and high schools all across America! And we desire to catalyze revivalists in our generation to rise up and run after the heart of God, no matter the cost.

As a full time missionary staff with the Circuit Riders, I will have the honor of leading students through our Discipleship Training School, participating in a bible training course called Field Training, leading ministry teams across campuses in America, catalyzing women into their identity, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ where I go!

It would be an honor of mine to see you partner with me through prayer and finances to help rise up a generation of Fiery-Eyed Revivalists to go out into the nations and see the lost come to sonship and daughterhood with our Heavenly Father!

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