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Eunhee Kim

Eunhee Kim


Hi, my name is Eunhee and I’m a missionary with the Circuit Riders.

In February 2018, God told me there’s a revival coming to America. Couple months later, as I was praying about my next steps as I was ending a season, God reminded me of that and I found myself asking the Lord if I could be on the move with Him and see with my eyes what He is doing in United States of America. He opened up the opportunity and I moved to Huntington Beach, California, and joined the Circuit Riders.

Through our evangelistic tour, God has opened my eyes to see how hungry people are for the truth. They are seeking after the truth and I am carrying the truth and the solution to their questions and needs. I realized I couldn’t just sit back and live a life of comfortable Christianity any longer. I am signing up to live a lifestyle of obedience and faith–to carry the love of Jesus anywhere I go.

As I go from campus to campus, it is my prayer that people will see Jesus for who He really is and they will encounter the true love of Jesus. For people to see that Christianity isn’t a religion, but a relationship with God, the creator of this universe and our Father in heaven.

Will you partner with me and join in on what God is doing in America?

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