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Elijah Joseph

Elijah Joseph


Hey Y’all :)

My name is Elijah Joseph

I am 26 born & raised in Jersey. I’m a Pastors Kid who grew up in the church with a huge passion for the Lord but no true understanding of who He was to me. I wandered for years just being active in church but living a double life bound in sin and addiction, it wasn’t until I went to college and encountered the living God that I was truly set on fire and transformed from the inside out and I now follow the Lord with a zeal for people to know Him. I am 1 of 13 and although I grew up in a large family I love and adore our close knit dynamic where we support and grow each-other in what the Lord is doing. I love all things creative, music and seeing people come to know the Lord through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have such a deep hunger and passion to see God move in all spheres of influence and seeing Jesus made known in the darkest spaces.

PrayerHouse, Inc is all about gathering and catalyzing a generation to come under the Lord’s Leadership & Vision. We are establishing Prayer Rooms where we can encounter and Minister to the Lord Day & Night 24/7. We do this with Prayer & Worship and as we minister to Him, He minsters back to us and we see lives & hearts transformed by the Gospel and cities, states, and nations will come to know the Lord.

Why I need your partnership is this - Nothing we do is separated in the Body. We are all unified and more often than not we are all after the same thing in seeing Jesus made known throughout the ends of the earth. I can’t do what the Lord’s called me by myself - none of us can - and with this move I know I will need your prayers, and financial provision to make these things realities.

So I ask that you would ask the Lord but also be moved by the willingness of myself and all those on my team to say yes to LA to see all of LA SAVED BY JESUS :)


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