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Emiliano Jaramillo

Emiliano Jaramillo


Hello! My name is Emiliano Jesus Jaramillo!

I was born and raised in WA state throughout my youth. However, in my sophomore year in high school my family moved to Florida where I attend a military school called Sarasota Military Academy. After 3 years I graduated high school and decided to move back to Washington to pursue a Business degree and get my real estate license. However, the summer before, I went to one of Circuit Riders youth camps in Kona, HI. While there, I was captivated by the love of Jesus and the intentional plans God has for us and how He uniquely made each and every single one of us!

Part of the plan that I saw for me was to serve in high school ministry. I started to see more and more the brokenness of my generation and my heart gravitated more and more to serve the youth. Right now, the number of people in Gen Z that are dealing with anxiety, depression, suicide, and fatherlessness is extremely high. However, in a day in age where technology is so easily accessible, I have found it extremely easy to pour into people by the things I post on social media.

Circuit Riders is a reflection of what my ministry looks like, just upscaled with many more disciples. The Lord has placed this desire for me to go and join that movement and be a part of God’s ministry there. They do exactly what I’ve been called to do, and an environment filled with disciples with all the same visions and goals is nothing short of God’s work. From reaching the youth in our country, to holding youth camps, to worship and messages, to reaching those on social media, working side by side with One Voice in running Jesus Clubs, etc.

Like much other ministry work, it all comes out of selfless service and so there is no money that I would be receiving or getting any sort of financial incentive or salary. This is where you play a role! If after praying and asking God if He wants you to partner with me in my ministry financially, you can either make a one time donation or be a long term partner by donating a set sum every certain time frame (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Regardless of if you’re a prayer partner in my ministry, a short or long term financial partner in my ministry, or just someone who is helping share the Joy and Love of Jesus, I want to say thank you for helping make this world a better place. I GREATLY appreciate your time and resources.

“I’m called to be faithful, but it’s not my job to get the funds. It’s God’s. My calling, my ministry, the person I am asking, their assets, everything is all His. So, when I walk into a support appointment I remind myself this is not a “Tom ask”. No. This is a “God Ask.”

-Steve Shadrach


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