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Ester Cruz

Ester Cruz



My name is Ester Cruz, and I was Born in Idaho and Raised in Williston, North Dakota. I come from an all Mexican born and raised family, with parents who left Mexico at a young age to work hard for a better life for their family. I'm extremely close to my family, and there is nothing I wouldn't do in order to serve and protect them. My parents have always taught me to work hard and to use every opportunity given because they know what it's like to not have the same opportunities, or to not have any at all. Also to find your passion and to be the best you possibly can at it. It's very important to me to set the way for the next generation and to teach them that even though life isn't easy nothing is impossible to God.

I was born and raised in a Christian household. But it wasn't until my 8th grade year that my parents decided to transfer my siblings and I to a Christian private school. I was not too sure as to why my parents would do such thing. As two years went by I started to realize that God had been working in my heart for those two years, I was too blinded to see that though. My 10th grade year I gave my life to Christ and got baptized. Since then the Lord has put in my heart to reach out to the next generation. I'm involved in my church as well was in my school giving sermons and leading worship.

My ministry is all about teaching and discipling the younger generation and anyone who wants this new revelation of who God truly is. He is a God of love that wants a relationship with you. And going to Mazatlán, Mexico I will be able to guide women and men into learning their worth, and what it means to be a servant and child of God. To run wild for him because our hearts are burning to know more about him.

Though through serving God I need financial assistance from my brothers and sisters in Christ because this isn't just my mission but it's ours. We are in this together and when you sow financially into me, you sow financially into the kingdom. All funds will go into supporting me in missions, and serving the Hispanic community as I live and dedicate my life for two years. Also to support anyone else that needs help financially and I have the ability to give. Since we are all called to sow into the kingdom of God.


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