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Elena Barnreuther

Elena Barnreuther



My name is Elena Barnreuther and I am in the process of preparing for a 7 month Discipleship Training School called the Circuit Rider Experience in Huntington Beach, California. This school is an official YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Discipleship Training School run through the ministry of Circuit Riders.

During my time at the school, I will spend three months in Huntington Beach for our lecture phase. This phase will contain daily training sessions, corporate prayer and worship, weekly outreaches, small group discipleship, and hands-on skill set training that will equip me to reach my generation with the gospel. I also believe this to be an opportunity for me to draw closer to God, and experience Him in deeper ways.

Following the lecture phase we will spend 3 months on outreach. This outreach is called Carry The Love. This is a campaign for geared towards reaching the university campuses of America and the nations. On this outreach we will hold evangelistic events, do one-on-one evangelism, hold evangelism trainings, lead small groups, and serve local communities across America and Europe.

I am in the process of building a team of partners who would prayerfully consider to give financially toward this Discipleship Training.  I have been working since graduating this summer to help raise funds for my training. By the end of the  September I will be  have around  $4,000 saved, but I will need to raise an additional $6,000 to cover the cost of this school.  Any donation amount is welcome and greatly appreciated!!


Elena Marie Barnreuther

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