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David & Florence Tan

David & Florence Tan


“And this gospel … will be proclaimed throughout the whole world … and then the end will come.” (Mt 24:14)

David & Florence are passionate to see this promise of our Lord Jesus become a reality. To speed up the return of the Lord, they are engaged in the least reached people groups of Asia. They do this in four ways: recruiting, training, placing and caring for workers to the least reached people groups.

David, as a missions professor, teaches as an adjunct in schools, churches and elsewhere to recruit and train workers. They both take short term teams into these areas to help students find their long-term placement opportunities. A final key part of their role is to visit these workers and provide pastoral care.

David founded Asia Member Care Network in 2008 to provide professional training for pastoral care providers through bi-annual Conferences. After his Spiritual Director training, he now also helps workers build resilience through the Spiritual Exercises for Everyday Life (SEEL). He does this face to face or online.

David & Florence Tan

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