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Danyelle Madden

Danyelle Madden


About me:

Hi! I’m Danyelle Madden and I am a twenty seven year old missionary with Youth With A Mission(YWAM) Amsterdam.

The heart of YWAM in Amsterdam is to be obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all people groups and nations. We want to know God and make Him known. 

I am a graduate of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Yosemite. I am daily being transformed by the love of Jesus and my heart is to see the Muslim world brought into their place in God’s Kingdom. I am eight years into a lifelong journey following the call that Jesus gave me to run with Him into the hardest and darkest places to see the light of the world break through with salvation. 

What I believe:

I believe that in order to see places and people transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we must be the transforming love of Jesus! 

The mission:

This January I am staffing the January Discipleship Training School at YWAM Amsterdam, and preparing our students for their twelve week outreach to the Muslim world.

With your help, my team and I will be leading and training young DTS students to become more like Jesus in the context of missions. Because Jesus has called us to make disciples of all nations, students are coming to learn to first walk as disciples themselves. When we know who God is and who He has made us to be then we are driven by His love to go and share this Good News with others.

This January DTS has a dual focus: a focus on the Bible and how God's heart, character, and nature are revealed both in Scripture and in Jesus' life, and a focus on preaching the Gospel to those who have never heard it before. I have the privilege of sending students on their outreach to Muslim peoples in the 10/40 window.

The part you play:

This is an opportunity to play your part in the Great Commission. By supporting me financially and in prayer, you not only send a missionary onto the mission field in both Europe and the Middle East, but you facilitate the training of countless more disciples who are responding to the call of Jesus to GO and preach the Gospel where it has never been heard before. 

The darkness in the world is increasing, and it seems like the Middle East is at the forefront for the work of darkness. And yet…WE are the light of the world; if no one sends, and no one goes, then who will see the light and who will hear the good news of salvation?

Empower this work by making a monthly donation that meets my need of $1500 dollars a month. One time donations are also an option in lieu of monthly support.

Together, we are restoring lost people to abundant life and to relationship with God.  This is the work of Jesus!!


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