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Danyelle Madden

Danyelle Madden


About me:

Hi! I’m Danyelle Madden and I am a twenty seven year old missionary with Youth With a Mission(YWAM) in the Middle East!

The heart of YWAM in the Middle East is to be obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all people groups and nations. We work to see the nations love like Jesus. 

I am a graduate of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Yosemite. I am daily being transformed by the love of Jesus and my heart is to see the Muslim world brought into their place in God’s kingdom. I am eight years into a lifelong journey following the call that Jesus gave me to run with him into the hardest and darkest places to see the light of the world break through with salvation. 

This fall, I am returning to the Middle East as a full time missionary working with refugees and our food-insecure neighbors. 

What I believe:

I believe that in order to see places and people transformed into the likeness of Jesus, we must be the transforming love of Jesus! 

The mission:

With your help, my team and I will be working to educate refugees and financially insecure peoples on integrated agricultural and nutritional practices that ensure food security, robust health, and even an abundance of resources that create wealth, employment, and bolster the livelihoods of whole communities. 

When we do this, we are doing the work of Jesus by loving our neighbors and sharing with them the Good News that they are chosen, not forsaken, and a desired part of God’s kingdom on the earth.

The part you play:

Respond by empowering the work that loves the Muslim world like Jesus does, moving ahead of food insecurity and transforming our brothers and sisters with the knowledge and Good News of Jesus. 

The instability in the Middle East is increasing and Jesus' return is on the horizon! Will you play your part in ensuring that He comes back to a spotless bride and living church in the Middle East?

Empower this work by making a monthly donation that meets my need of 1500 dollars a month. One time donations are also an option in lieu of monthly donations.

Together. We are restoring people to life abundant and to relationship with God.  This is the work of Jesus!!


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