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Dara George

Dara George


Hello, I am Dara George!

I am a full-time missionary with Brave Love, the women’s movement of Circuit Riders based in southern California. Circuit Riders is a grassroots movement with a missional heart to save the lost, revive the saved, and train believers to share and live out the Gospel.

The Circuit Riders are a nonprofit missions organization empowered by Youth with a Mission (YWAM). I recently finished one year at UPPERROOM School of Ministry, where I spent the year in the prayer room, serving on the ministry team, leading a prayer set, and learning from the UPPERROOM pastors.

This past year was dedicated to ministering to the heart of Jesus and now the Lord is calling me to southern California. I believe the Lord is activating me and wants to activate millions of other women! I have committed one year to serve Brave Love as we tour nationally and internationally gathering and training women to fulfill their God given destinies.

Would you pray for me and invest in me financially so that the Lord can continue to awaken women to their calling and identity in Jesus Christ.



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