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Diego Dirito

Diego Dirito


Would you be willing to invest in what God is doing in my life?

I have just graduated High School and I have been accepted to attend Jesus School, which is a part of Jesus Image church in Orlando, FL. I start school in September! I am extremely excited and expectant for this opportunity and to be able to grow and learn in the Lord.

I would love to share a bit of my heart behind attending Jesus School. Over the past year, I have been really moved by how the Lord is moving at Jesus Image Church and how they yearn for more of the Lord. I felt a tug on my heart to go to their school after having a vision last year and decided to pray about it. After dozens of confirmations and hearing the voice of the Lord through prayer and intercession, I decided to apply. In February I was accepted into the school and in June I was accepted into their worship academy. 

Here is my vision for these next years as I go to Jesus School of Ministry in Orlando, FL: 

⁃ To grow in the Lord, to grow in the maturity, reverence and the Fear of the Lord. 

⁃ To come back to the simplicity of the gospel, which is the man Jesus Christ. To gather because of Him, to honor His presence and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. 

⁃ To build a firm foundation, to walk in the fullness of the gospel and learn it in simplicity. To become a disciple and share Him with clarity and boldness from the foundation that He builds over the school year. 

⁃ I want to be more like Mary of Bethany and find the fulfillment and beauty of sitting at the Lord's feet. That “only one thing is needed.” Luke 10:42 

⁃ To continue learning how to minister to the Lord through instruments/vocals, and to be a dwelling place for God. I believe His presence is everything. It saved my life and is why I’m here today.

This is a big step for me and I will have needs and expenses over the school year. I do plan on working some but having your monthly support would mean so much to me and truly help me to put more focus into school.


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