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Dick Clark

Dick Clark


My wife, Carolyn, and I have been married 45+ years. We have five grown sons, and 4 grandchildren.

During our early years of family life, I enjoyed regular work in the business world and served the Lord

through our church teaching Sunday School, short term mission work and various ministry


I have always had a desire to share the gospel with others and blessed to lead some to the Lord, but God

began to break my heart to the great need for discipleship of Christians. Once a soul puts their trust in

Christ, the need for ongoing discipleship is vital for a growing faith, both in their personal journey and to

share Christ with others who are lost. Without discipleship and godly training, a Christian may become

discouraged and apathetic, losing 'heart' for the things of God. DISCIPLESHIP became my passion and


Stepping out in faith, the Lord began to open doors to minister to churches, pastors, and individuals

through discipleship. God has sent me across the world to places like Africa, Southeast Asia, and

numerous trips to Brazil teaching simple ways to share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.

Seeing the eyes of pastors and Christian leaders light up when they learn how simple discipleship is, sets

my heart on fire for Him! Pastors have been encouraged, churches have been established and refreshed,

and souls have been won for the Kingdom.

When I'm home in Alabama, God has been faithful to provide financial support, ongoing opportunities to

regularly disciple others, and a community showering us with love and prayer. Monthly newsletters are

sent to share where the Lord is taking our ministry and our prayer needs.

Your financial support as we minister both here and into other countries would be greatly appreciated.

We also consider it a privilege to pray with you over any prayer need of your own. To contact me with

your prayer request and/or to request our newsletter, email -

For your financial gift, go online by following the prompts below. All gifts are tax deductible. You may

also give by check if you like: 

Checks are payable to EquipNet - not to Dick Clark.

Please remember to write my account number on the face of the check in the memo section, which

is Equip3297

Mail the check to: EquipNet, P.O. Box 860, Alamo, CA 94507.

Excited to be His,

Dick Clark

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