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Chloe Tucker

Chloe Tucker


Aloha! I am Chloe Tucker, a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) based in Kona, Hawaii.

I am currently helping launch a new DTS (Discipleship Training School) called Endeavor where we lead people to run after God with all their heart and transform generations for Jesus. Endeavor DTS is a 6 month experience consisting of a lecture and outreach phase transforming lives  to know God and make Him known.

My role is to champion students to find their God given call and use it as a catalyst to change the world. I completed my DTS in Kona, Hawaii through YWAM where the Lord revealed to me the depths of His Father's heart for me and the multitudes around the world. It was through my life being transformed that I knew God was calling me to the nations as a full time missionary to see every tribe and tongue come to know the name of Jesus and be met by His love. I am currently on staff for Endeavor pioneering the frameworks for the school and prayerfully preparing for the upcoming students in who arrive in September.

I am in the process of seeking the Lord on an opportunity to join a 9 month secondary school called Revival and Reformation. In this program, I will receive greater biblical, worldview, and communication foundations and how to bring solutions to world's most desperate needs. The Lord has given us a great honor to set the captives free and proclaim that there is Good News around the world!

Will you prayerfully consider joining me in what the Lord is doing in the nations by partnering with me in prayer and financially to see the lost come home?

May we give glory to the Son of Man who died and rose again so that we may know His great love for us and the world (John 3:16)!


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