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Caleb Maisonville

Caleb Maisonville


My name is Caleb Maisonville, a former officer in the United States Marine Corps, and I am thrilled to begin my new role as Ministry Coordinator in the Chaplaincy Department of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR).

Since a childhood full of reading missionary biographies and hearing stories of the faith, I have felt a strong calling to serve as a missionary in austere, remote regions where there is great physical and spiritual need. This passion was deepened by studying the Reformation at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where I gained a profound appreciation for the impact of the Gospel across the scope of human history. In the military, I gained the capabilities and leadership to allow me to be of practical use in work to come. Throughout my life, the local church has established, sustained, and inspired me in my walk with Christ and in my passion for this mission.

In my upcoming role, I will help lead small teams into conflict zones to carry out critical relief work. We will provide civilian rescue, medical aid, food, and essential supplies to those in desperate need. This hands-on work will allow me to witness firsthand the transformative power of God’s love in people’s lives here on earth. Most importantly, it will be the vehicle to preach the good news in conflict zones where few missionaries go.

Additionally, I will be responsible for developing and implementing a discipleship program for FBR's Indigenous chaplains. This program will build up local leaders by equipping them with the theological and pastoral training necessary for their missions. Through this initiative, we will aim to nurture faith and build a united community of believers, strengthening their ability to serve and support their communities.

Transitioning from military service to this mission with FBR will be a deeply fulfilling journey. It is a calling that combines my passion for service with my Christian faith, allowing me to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in challenging circumstances. By leading with love and faith, I am committed to bringing help, hope, and the message of Christ to the people of Burma and beyond.


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