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Chris & Hannah Harutoonian

We both joined YWAM in 2013 and have been involved with them ever since. Chris has been a part of Circuit Riders for 6 years and Hannah joined Circuit Riders in 2020 after having been living as a missionary in Brazil.

Chris serves as one of the main electric guitar players for the Circuit Rider prayer room "Greenhouse" as well as playing at different Circuit Rider gatherings around the country and internationally at churches, universities and other locations that the tour teams on the ground have organized.

Hannah is currently helping with the media team, serving in an administrative role and with project management.

We believe the United States is in a dire need for revival. By revival we mean a return to Jesus, to the truth of the Bible. Revival that leads to reformation within our nation. We believe the future of our nation and where it is headed is and should be of great concern, a concern that spurs Believers to get on their knees and to take action on behalf of our kids and grandkids. We believe as followers of Jesus we have to think in terms of legacy and how we're going to help shape the country that our kids and grandkids will grow up in and will live in.

We shouldn't live in worry or in fear, we should be confident in the knowledge of who God is but at the same time, we have decided that we cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. Our kids, our families and our marriages are under attack by an enemy that wants nothing more than for them to be completely wiped out and twisted and tangled up in lies and falsehood. We can't look at generation Z, millennials or any generation older or younger and just write them off as lost and without hope. If we don't fight for our kids, we are choosing to let them continue to be won over by lies and their lives and souls will eventually be destroyed by those lies. By fighting, we are seeing God's design, purpose and unique calling on these precious lives be released and their lives be transformed.

This is why we believe God has us in the United States during this time, because Circuit Riders are dedicated to fighting for generations. Our motto is Save the Lost, Revive the Saved and Train them All.

Our goal as Circuit Riders is for the Lost to hear the gospel and receive salvation through Jesus! To see those that are among the Saved that are apathetic, lukewarm or backsliding to return to their First Love and to be set on fire to reach their city, community, family college, school or nation! And lastly, Circuit Riders is devoted to helping train people how to do all these things! We don't simply want to pray a prayer with someone to receive salvation without taking steps to help them figure out what's next, discipling and training them on how to live like Jesus, how to read their Bible, how to share the gospel with others, how to live a life that is growing in Christ-likeness.

We have a goal to be fully supported within the next couple of months and our goal amount would be $5000 a month. That would cover the costs for rent, travel, utilities, car insurance, food, gas and miscellaneous.

We ask that you would pray about partnering with us financially and even if you're not able to partner financially please be in prayer for us as we continue to minister within California, around the United States and internationally.

Thank you and God bless!

Hannah and Chris Harutoonian

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